Fun despite Diabetes

App for Type 1's. Artificial Intelligence calculates your insulin dose. Certified medical device. 

Sometimes I almost forget being diabetic.

Do you feel like your diabetes is controlling you and your insulin pump makes you a cyborg? Think again. There are new ways to manage your diabetes. A CGM, an insulin pen and diafyt app is all you will need.

Say hello to your new live

One screen will tell you what's important. 

Add your meals.

Let AI calculate your insulin dose.

Take your insulin and move on.

No strings attached. Download App for free and test it without obligation for 3 months.

The insulin calculation is a decision support.

The AI learns your insulin demand and makes suggestions for insulin dosage. This reduces hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia and contributes to a good A1c. And you always keep in control.  

diafyt is a certified medical device.

Bringing a medical product to patients requires clinical trials, testing and auditing. This will make it more secure, reliable and ensures that your data are in good hands.

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