Diafyt AI can identify coronavirus symptoms in type 1 diabetics. 


diafyt ​can identify COVID-19 coronavirus symptoms in type 1 diabetics. This is because AI recognizes an increase in insulin demand and increase in body temperature.​​ Patients can be informed when symptoms of an infection occur. This leads to a lower risk of getting infected and reduces the severity of the disease in the event of an infection. 

Being Diabetic

Diabetes makes patients more vulnerable to infection, both bacterial and viral. This is because an elevated blood glucose provides an environment for microorganisms to thrive and multiply. Not only that, but elevated blood glucose interrupts the ability of white blood cells to fight infection. 

Detect an Infection

diafyt determines the individual insulin demand of patients with type 1 diabetes using machine learning methods. An increase in insulin demand is an indicator of infection. In addition, data analysis detects an increase in body temperature. This allows us to identify the signs of coronavirus infection. 

With diafyt app,

diabetics can better control their blood sugar levels. This reduces the coronavirus-related risk for people with type 1 diabetes.

How far we are

Diafyt is for type 1 diabetics, is a medical device, has CE mark medical device certification for distribution in Europe and has been launched at Google Play store in DE, FR, ES, IT and UK. A release supporting coronavirus related functionality can be build and made available to patients in less than 3 months. 

We are building great things and we need your help

We would be able to build a coronavirus-enabled app for European and American patients in less than 3 months. However we are short of funding. 

Research in Europe